lördag 14 februari 2015

Reese Dress Sewalong

I got an invitation to an event on fb last week and I just klicked "join" without a doubt. I loved the pattern and I have some yards of fabrics that needs to become clothes. I picked out two different alternatives to my daughter and then it was up to her. I usually don't like pink that much but I just fell in love with theese fabrics when I saw them at the Ohlssons Tyger sale! I added pockets (from the Geranium dress pattern) since I think that pockets are a must have, both for me and for my girl, even on skirts and dresses.

This is the finished dress. The sewing went smoothly and it was fun to se all the other participants way from choice of fabrics to a finished dress. Thank you Modkid for the Sewalong!

I just love my daughters choice of buttons! Very cool!
Just look at the nice bow, an adorable detail!
We both love those pockets!

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